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Training programme

Based on the NEEDS analysis carried out by partner organizations during the project preparation phase and on the competence gaps investigated in IO1, the partnership will setup the innovative and digital-oriented “VETREALITY Training Programme” for VET Teachers and Trainers”.

The programme will have the following specifications: 10 days (6/8 hrs a day) of training (3 ECVET credits, EQF 5), divided into a “Guided-Learning” path in classes (5 days) and a “Self-Learning” path (also 5 days) will provide the TARGET GROUP of VET Teachers and Trainers the knowledge and competences needed for integrating VR applications into own teaching and training methods aimed at facilitating SEN students’ access to WBL at local and EU Mobility level.

The VETREALITY Training Programme will allow the achievement of the following Learning Outcomes:

  1. know the benefit of VR applications for SEN students who struggle to remain focused in a classroom environment and strongly need to build experiences through work-based practices at local and EU/Mobility level;
  2. know how VR technology support, through its 3D-360° immersive and interactive devices, VET teachers and trainers to work with SEN students;
  3. understand how VR can be the basis for fostering experiential learning practices (WBL at local and EU/mobility level) addressed to SEN students;
  4. be aware of the main learning potentials of VR when applied for facilitating SEN students’ access to WBL at local and EU/Mobility level;
  5. understand how SEN students’ engagement in WBL could be increased through VR applications;
  6. be aware of the 20 open source VR applications recommended in IO1;
  7. be able to use at least 10 out of the 20 recommended VR applications;
  8. be competent in applying VR technology at own classes with SEN students in the frame of WBL;
  9. be competent, thanks to a cascade effect, in transferring to other VET staff (within own or other organizations) competences on VR applications for supporting SEN students’ access to WBL.